Sheer Fabrics

Our store carries a colorful assortment of basic and designer sheer drapery fabric made from poly cotton, poly linen and polyester. Embroidered with plaid and check, stripe and solid designs in mussola, or with cutworks, voile and batiste for use as valances, swags and curtains. Beautiful sheer polyester fabric is excellent for window treatments or for creating elegant evening attire and fashion accessories. View Gallery

Blackout Fabrics

A wide range of basic solid Blackout curtains can be hanged in various ways. Machine washable for easy care, these curtains features innovative triple weaved fabric construction allowing for single layer, unlined thermal insulation. Ideal for late sleepers and shift workers, blackout curtains blocks out 99.9% of light and 100% of UV rays. These curtains can be hung from a standard decorative curtain rod. View Gallery

Jacquard Fabrics

Jacquard is a raised design or pattern woven into a fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric, such as damasks, floral and geometric. Jacquard weaves have a varying drape ability and durability depending on which fibers are used. Our line of Jacquard fabrics can set a tone in any room whether you want something formal and elegant or something more causal and relaxed. The unique look of Jacquard fabric sets it apart from all other materials and has long inspired people to pursue their decorating vision. We are confident that our selection will inspire you. View Gallery

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